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I believed in second chances

but it's luck's hand that calls the deal

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Alone at the Train Tracks
So... on Facebook, it has that "People You May Know" sidebar, with usually two potential friends listed underneath it. Tonight, it showed me my aunt Susan, the one who passed away two years ago, after I returned from Otakon in 2008. The day I returned, actually. I don't know if I ever talked about it here, but she killed herself by overdosing on one of her prescriptions she took. Her pacemaker failed to save her when her heart stopped.

There was a lot of crap surrounding this. At first, she had a heart attack naturally by stress, as she'd just been fighting with her oldest son. Then later, we found out that she'd really died by ODing. If you're Catholic, and you kill yourself, the Church won't give you a funeral. So basically my grandma lied to us about it so that Aunt Susan would get her Catholic funeral. I have mixed feelings on this.

At any rate, it was like a slap in the face. "Add as friend." I didn't even know she had a Facebook. And no one can delete it now. And she can't add anyone back. It makes me wonder about the people who don't know her, who they might have asked to friend her, and they don't even know she's gone.

I just...



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