KH: Sora in Leon's Jacket

I believed in second chances

but it's luck's hand that calls the deal

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Friends Only
KH: Sora in Leon's Jacket
Edited 07/07/2012

Mood theme done by crackified.

Art for FO banner done by winteronmercury.


[+]This journal is mostly about my personal life. If you came here looking for ficcage, go to _secretplace.
[+]Don't spam my entries.
[+]I like computer-educated people. Please try and type properly.
[+]If you have a severe problem with something that I wrote in my livejournal, please [e-mail] me about it and don't make a fiasco on the blog.
[+]Play nice. No drama.
[+]If you can't handle YAOI, YURI, or general SLASH, stay away.

If you haven't been scared away yet, feel free to ask to be added if you are going to abide by the rules. I don't bite. Too hard.

If I abandon a story, I will let everyone know. Please do not assume that it is dead if it is sitting there with no indication other than a time frame since it's last update. I either mark things with "hiatus" or I remove the story from the [ account].

Thanks for everyone's patience.

Can I stay? *big, yaoi-lovin' eyes*

Oooh. *pokes* Did you make the pretty "Friend's Only" sign?

XD I gave it to Susie (uzumakisama) and told her what to do. And she made it for me. <333

Umm if you don't mind, is it ok if I be added to your friend's list since I always read your updates and stuff, and I want to read those fics that you put up on you Lj only.. ;_; Hope that's not too much trouble.. ^^'

^^ Nope, not at all. <3 *adds*


Please add me~

I'd like to be added as well. It brings joy to my day when I see drabble posted; plus, I already love Rairune.
Oh, and bean curd with light lime sauce is delicious, at least the way Angela makes it for me.

XD;; *adds*

Oh, I see. o_o;;

oo...can i be your friend?

I'd like to be your friend, please. ^_^ (my name's jessie, too, we have stuff in common.. ^_^;)

I'd love to be your friend, your works are amazing. ;3; You're my writing hero. No joke.

^^;; Thanks. *blush*

*adds* <33

Can I be your friend? x3

I suppose my lurking ends here.

add me?
I'll love you forever!
^.^ ;;

XD;; Lurking, eh? *adds*

I love your icon. <333

i love ure fanfics :)
please add me.

Damn, I can't stalk you anymore *snaps fingers*

I love your mad writing skills, so please...? Add me? :D

>) Bwahahahahaha. Thanks. *adds*

aloha jess. This is Kristin. I was watching susie take the wonderful Hyde quiz and I want to vote too. Add me? I've added you

love it!

hehe i love all the yaoi, yuri stuff it's great. i've been reading a few of your stories on and i love them! i actually came here to read the smut part of Obsidian Feather... tho i'm not too good with so i dunno where it is.. could i maybe have the link? and also i was wondering if you did those drawing of riku and sora that's on the front page of ur live journal cuz if you did they're absolutely amazing drawings! i draw stuff too-- on ^_^ well anyway just wanted to ask for the link and say how much i love ur stories, tho i bet you hear that all the time


love it!

um... sorry.. i just realized that you have the link on ur author page... i'm a little slow sorry! ^_^;;

^^;; You have to have an account to view the entry.

..... pokepokepoke..... *give you a famious Keith Death Stare*.... I swear you dont love me all you want is to be my concience.... *pouts*..... *sulks*..... and yes I am doing all this cause you STILL have not put me on the friends list after all this time.... *acts like the female version of Keith through and through but hides the rope behind back* *evil grin* I will see you soon.... heheheheh......

o_o;; You scare me, Laura. *adds*

Love your fanfics. You are the one I got to for my yaoi fixins. <3<3 Please add??

GAH! O____O *hastily adds* <3333

Friend me?

I have yet to find anyone quite so in to KH as you ^^

^^;; Oh, you haven't quite met uzumakisama, have you?

o_o;; Where'd you find me?? Works?? Someone's LJ?? *always curious*


I followed a string of friendslists and liked the drabbles you wrote, and I would like to read more. *hesitant add*

Hey, it's Britt. ^^' I know, I change journals wayyyyyy too damn much... but THE ANGST WAS JUST NOT ME XD

Tis me the Ryo. Nice page, i wish mine looked... er lets say cooler? Than again i rarely post in it ever since me and my girlfriend... well ya. Then again i rarely posted in it even when we were together, go figure. Anywho nice job keep it up, your like one of my rolemodels. In most aspects anyways. C'ya around

Tay! <333 *adds*

No fair! I wanted to read Obsidian Feathers for the sixteenth time, but nope. So friend me?

Nice sign, anyhoo.

first of all, I'd like to say your layout is gorgeous xDD
second of all, I would like to ask to friend you. ^^. I've read some of your stories and I have become curious as to you yourself, not in a scary stalker way.
please know, I don't comment often, though I am always reading.

^^;; I'm glad you enjoy the layout. <33



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